22.06.2017 – Talks at the Tower: Saved by the People: The Creation of Clissold Park


It was truly a special experience giving a talk in Hackney’s 16th century St Augustin’e Tower. On a hot July evening, with the old tower clock chiming in the background in a small room drenched in history. Thanks a lot to Laurie Elks, the organiser of the event who gave me the oppotuniry to share in a unique location the story of how Clissold Park was saved.

Saved by the People: The Creation of Clissold Park

Clissold Park, the jewel of Stoke Newington, only exists because of a passionate campaign in the 1880s to save to the estate from development. As the last remaining open space in the area, the prospect of losing it to the “jerry builder” prompted concerned local residents to mobilise. The dramatic story can now be told for the first time through the recent discovery of the private papers of the chief campaigner, Joseph Beck.

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The view from outside the Tower and



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