Stoke Newington History Talks

A few years ago Sam Roberts of suggested we start running an evening featuring short talks about Stoke Newington’s history. I liked the idea and a few months later the I organised the first event, which was held in the function room of the Clarence pub in Church Street. 25 people showed up and filled the small room. At the time of writing these lines two and a bit years later, the event’s mailing list has 600+ subscribers and 100 tickets sell out within less than a day. The venue had to change twice to accommodate the growing popularity of the events.

No. 1 – 28.11.2016: Ghostsigns, Photo Mashups & Pleasure Grounds

  • Photo mashups of Stoke Newington by Amir Dotan
  • Stoke Newington Ghost signs by Sam Roberts
  • Highbury Barn: A brief history by Lee Jackson

Access the presentation slides here

No. 2 – 27.02.2017: Pubs, Simpsons factory, Conservation & Preservation

  • Stoke Newington Pubs: Demolished. Converted. Rebuilt by Amir Dotan
  • Conservation & Preservation by Nick Perry
  • Simpsons Factory by Sean Gubbins

Access the presentation slides here

No. 3 – 22.05.2017: Images from the 70s-80s, Church St property survey, Garden City Movement

  • Stoke Newington Church Street property survey 1847-2017 by Amir Dotan
  • Photos of Stoke Newington from the 1970s by Alan Denney
  • Garden City Movement by Sean Ken Worpole

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 No. 4 – 04.09.2017: Abney Park, Jewish past and photos from the 1930’s

  • Alexandar Guttridges’ photos from the 1930s by Amir Dotan
  • Abney Park Cemetery by John Baldock
  • Jewish Stoke Newington by Sean Rachel Kolsky

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No. 5 – 30.11.2017: New River, Save the Reservoirs Campaign and photos from the Hackney Archives

  • Photos from the Hackney Archives by Amir Dotan
  • The history of the New River by Nick Higham
  • Save the Reservoirs campaign by Monica Blake

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No. 6 – 28.02.2018: 1846 map, Girls’ education and Victorian photographers

  • Before the building boom: Exploring the 1846 map by Amir Dotan
  • Susanna Corder’s pioneering Quaker girls’ school by Peter Daniels
  • Photography in Victorian Stoke Newington by Janet Foster

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No. 7 – 06.06.2018: Zeppelin raid, Stoke Newington Festival and spotting old relics

  • Look up, look down: Spotting local history everywhere by Amir Dotan
  • Reflections on the Stoke Newington Festival 1993-2001 by Kay Trainor
  • “The Germans are here!”: Stoke Newington and the Zeppelin by Ian Castle

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No. 8 – 14.11.2018: Boundaries, Dissent and Charles Booth’s poverty map

  • On maps in and in minds: The boundaries of Stoke Newington by Amir Dotan
  • Dissenting Stoke Newington by Simon Cole
  • Charle Booth’s 1889 poverty map: The Stoke Newington notes by Mike Steele

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No. 9 – 25.02.2019: Musical heritage, unseen photos and Church Street

  • A Visual History of Stoke Newington Church Street by Amir Dotan
  • A Stoke Newington Life:Frederick Arthur Wirth’s Unseen Photos 1920-1970. By John Stuart Wirth
  • Stoke N’ Roll: Stoke Newington musical heritage by Craig McLean

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No. 10 – 20.05.2019: Local history treasure troves, Hackney Brook and the Willows estate

  • Stoke Newington history treasure troves by Amir Dotan
  • The Willows estate: rural to industrial to gated development in Stoke Newington by Ruth Swirsky
  • This Plashy Stream: Memories of the Hackney Brook by Laurie Elks