Echoes of the Past – Photo mashups

In September 2016 I began creating photo mashups that overlay old photos onto today’s view of Stoke Newington’s streets. So far I have created nearly 250 such photo mashups. You can view all the mashups here.

In the media

BBC London News (July 2018)

London Live (February 2017)

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Evening Standard (October 2016)

An article in the Evening Standard about the project: “25 brilliant photographs that show Stoke Newington then and now” 

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Slideshow of some of the photo mashups I created

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How to create a mash-up image

‘Echoes of the Past’

In the summer of 2017 Rebecca Odell from Hackney Museum and I discussed the idea of turning some of the mash-up photos into an exhibition in the Hackney Museum and 15 images were selected and printed. The exhibition was titled ‘Echoes of the Past’. It was first displayed in the Hackney Museum, then is moved to the Hackney Archives and it is now on display in the Stoke Newington Public Library.

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The exhibition on display in the Hackney Museum (July 2017)


The exhibition on display in the Hackney Archives (January 2018)

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 The exhibition on display in the Stoke Newington Public Library (April 2018 – Present)