06.06.2018 – Stoke Newington History Talks #7

SNHT no.7

The 7th Stoke Newington History Talks event, which was held on June 6th in St Matthias Halls was one of my favourites so far. Kay Trainor, who co-founded the 3-week Stoke Newington Midsummer Festival in the 1990s talked about the festival fascinating story while Ian Castle, describe the riveting details of the German Zeppelin raid on Stoke Newington in 1915. My talk ‘Look up, look down: Spotting local history everywhere’ included examples of various relics and remnants in the built environment from coal-hole covers, boundary marker plates and bootscrapers. 

Look up, look down: Spotting local history everywhere by Amir Dotan

Reflections on the Stoke Newington Festival 1993-2001 by Kay Trainor