22.11.2022 Stoke Newington History Pop-up #2

The second Stoke Newington History Pop-Up event was held on November 22nd and it was a pleasure meeting people who came to see Nick Perry, Rachel Tobyn and Richard Young and myself to ask us local history questions. From a couple that moved into the area and wanted to learn about the history of their street to a woman who wanted to know the history of the nursery building where she’s working. It was great fun and hopefully we’ll do it again in a the spring.

Comments from some of the people who came to ask us questions:

Thanks very much. It was so interesting  to learn about the area and I’ll enjoy delving into the files.


Thank you so much for today, I really appreciate the information I learned about Evelyn court!


Thanks so much to you and Rachel for helping Laura and me to learn make about our new neighbourhood! Look forward to learning more and seeing you at future events.