14.11.2018 – Stoke Newington History Talks #8

SNHT no.8

The 8th (and 2-year anniversary!) Stoke Newington History Talks event was held in St Matthias Halls on November 14th. All 100 tickets sold out in 12 hours. It was a great event in front of packed audience. I talked about Stoke Newington’s historical boundaries and how present perceptions of Stoke Newington are subjective and vary considerably, depending on who you ask. Simon Cole talked about Dissent and Mike Steele provided an insight into George Duckworth’s notes about Stoke Newington as part of Charles Booth’s poverty survey of London in the late 19th century.

Here are the presentation slides:

On Maps and in Minds: The Boundaries of Stoke Newington by Amir Dotan 

Charles Booth’s 1897 poverty map: The Stoke Newington notes by Mike Steele 

Stoke Newington and Dissent by Simon Cole